Happy New Year and let's hope 2021 allows us to have more races and Car shows and lots of healthy people. This is why I have been hesitant to add too many new events to my carnutimages.ca website.

Here is a summary of the latest rules around cruise ins, car events etc.

This is from a reliable source in the law enforcement community.

Best Regards, Bob Kelly, SVABC Pres.
bobsuek@shaw.ca 250-488-5646

Subject: ***URGENT***

On August 20th an Order in Council was added to the existing Provincial Health Order governing gatherings and events.

“An owner or operator of a place may permit up to fifty patrons to attend an event in a place if the following conditions are met:”

  1. There is an organizer of the event

  2. If the organizer is not the owner or operator of the place, the organizer must provide the owner or operator with the first and last names and telephone number or e-mail address of every patron who attends the event

  3. Access to the event is controlled

  4. The number of patrons is closely monitored

  5. There is sufficient space available to permit the patrons to maintain a distance of 2 metres from one another

  6. The patrons maintain a distance of two metres from one another when standing or sitting unless they belong to the same party

  7. No more than 6 patrons sit at a table even if they are in the same party

  8. Hand sanitization supplies are readily available

  9. There are washroom facilities available with running water , soap, and a sanitary means for washing and drying hands.

There’s more to it if you choose to follow the link but I’ve hit the high points.

So I called the person who is heading the Provincial team responsible for the interpretation and ultimately providing guidance in the areas of enforcement in order to seek some advice on our A&W get together and I was told the following.

The “gatherings” at the A&W constitute an event as they have been ongoing for many years and those who attend are fully aware of this  event without having to be invited or learning about it in any media form. “it just happens every Thursday”

Gary’s paraphrase  “A person must not promote a social gathering or event or encourage another person to attend such a social gathering or event unless you follow the rules laid out above” 

What does all this come down to?  if a business allow people to gather then they are open to a $2300 fine.  We as individuals are all open to a $200 fine for attending the A&W on Thursday as we are unable to meet all of the conditions as listed above.


May 16 Coffee and Cars Coquitlam

Coffee and Cars in Coquitlam was awesome See gallery...click thumbnail

May 15 Heading for Fish N Chips!

I was lucky to see a group of cars that by total luck happen to all be heading for fish N Chips in Steveston See gallery...click thumbnail

May 15 Heading for Fish N Chips...Video Stills

I shot a little Video and here are some stills See my zenfolio gallery...free to view, but you can support Carnut by buying a photo or a download See gallery...click thumbnail

Some images of Datsuns at laguna Seca

Some montages and some "tri-best" shots of Datsuns before they were called Nissans!!!

So Much to do during Car Week in Carmel. Hard to top the races!
2013 Stingray Island


Car Week in Carmel is truly the Mecca for Carnuts all over the world. Visiting Mr Cobra, Lynn Park at the paddocks of Laguna Seca is truly part of the experience. But to get to see his Garage is mind Blowing!

See a gallery of Mr Cobra’s here>>

Canepa’s Open House is also one event that makes the whole trip worthwhile.


Cam Hutchins: 2013 RMMR Stingray Island &emdash;
Cam Hutchins: Mr Cobra &emdash;
Cam Hutchins: 2016 Canepa Open House Scott Valley CA &emdash;

2019 Pebble Beach Concours

2019 Pebble Beach Concours d Elegance The 2019 Concours D Elegance is the perfect ending for the perfect week for Car enthusiasts around the world.

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2017 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

2017 RMMR Group 1A – Pre 1940 Sports Racing & Touring Cars https://www.zenfolio.com/camhutchins/e2/p871071702 Group 1B – 1955-1962 GT Cars https://www.zenfolio.com/camhutchins/e2/p672150849 Group 2A – 1927-1951 Racing

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